Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jim Goad libels Stephen F. Cohen

You see it here folks. Jim Goad has surreptitiously altered his article so that a rich media mogul won't sue his ass for being a libelous charlatan who can't get his facts checked correctly because he's too busy relying on Wikipedia. Stephen F. Chow was never a denier of Soviet atrocities. He might be a Leftist but he sure did not deny any atrocities committed by the Soviet regime. Mr. Goad also thinks the Unabomber is quite the reasonable man praising the serial killer's evaluation of those with "false compassion."


It's funny because I think Jim Goad has a lot of false compassion and the Unabomber was basically reiterating something Machiavelli said over 500 years ago. Mr. Goad could have at least attributed the Unabomber's "original idea" to Machiavelli instead of a homicidal maniac who wants to undergo a sex change operation.

What Jim Goad could have done was plagiarize the Unabomber's manifesto (besides the part about killing people) and Mr. Goad would have easily gotten away with it. What's the Unabomber gonna do? Sue him? The guy (Ted Kaczynski) refuses to read anything on a computer let alone anything posted on the internet. Oh and the dude's locked up for life so I'm guessing Goad won't likely be sued by a mass murderer even though Goad is a convicted felon himself.

In my humble opinion, Jim Goad should not have brought the guy up whatsoever let alone praise the killer's "analysis" about people with an "insatiable lust for power." It's very freaky indeed. Jim Goad is a weird guy and quite possibly a homicidal maniac like the Unabomber. I know he's a self-serving liar and wife-beater that's for sure. What is really interesting is why anyone wants to associate with that guy including Gavin McInnes.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Windows 8

It kind of sucks.

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