Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Rolling Stones were pretty faggy (and should have owned that more)

Maybe I'm just weird but I like all the faggy music the Rolling Stones did. Like all that music with the flutes and shit? "Ruby Tuesday"? Yeah. Total sucker for all that. But Exile on Main St? Sticky Fingers? Pfft.

Let's face it, Mick Jagger's flat-out faggy and Keith Richards went to a prep school for nerds, so it doesn't fly with me when they did all that "back to blues rock" bullshit. Somehow these guys got a pass for what was tantamount to British blackface but I gotta give 'em love for all that fairy shit. 

Between the Buttons is their best album. Then again, they went back to faggy making disco songs no one gives them enough shit for and that stuff sucked.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I hope people realize reading one book or one documentary provides only a single narrative about historical events no matter how many narratives a book or movie claims it possesses. I've read quite a few books and watched quite a few docs on events that happened a few decades ago and even just a few years ago and such things are still controversial to how things were and what actually happened. Even just really trivial things like a fucking music scene. 

That's why you should give props to "veterans" and hear what they have to say. And I'm not talking about people who fought in a war necessarily (although they're invaluable in the tales they tell), but people who LIVED through things. Don't just rely on a book or a documentary and always be wary of how things are portrayed. There are heroes, saints, and villains but don't ever forget they're human.

Don't also forget those same people have their own agendas, special interests, and vendettas.

Ken Burns: Prohibition

Here’s why you should watch watch the Ken Burns doc on Prohibition.
Yeah, I know his docs can be real slow paced and boring (he does a documentary series on fucking baseball totaling 12 hours on Netflix) but the Prohibition doc is an exception.
Every single minute of that doc is jam packed with information. It’s just really well done and for a miniseries clocking in at 5 hours, each episode (out of three) being over an hour and a half, I wanted it to be even longer.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


There are certain people who find out you ride a motorcycle and they immediately think you’re gonna die. They would be correct (in LA). But some of ‘em have this weird snarky attitude like I’m doing it to be a “rebel” or some shit besides the fact it’s really fun.
What? You think dancing is “edgy” too?
It’s funny because riding motorcycles throughout Asia and Europe is simply considered practical. The average person, male or female, knows how to ride in Italy and in Vietnam. That’s the way it SHOULD be. Besides, riding a motorcycle creates a smaller carbon footprint than your faggy Prius any day. Oh, you have a fully electric car? Guess what, we now have electric motorcycles too and it’s even more efficient and still faster.
America is so backward it’s starting to piss me off.

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Sexual Ethics"

The irony about this whole “decline” in sexual mores is that back then and before no one flinched at hearing a girl fucking on the first date anymore is that buying sex wasn’t all too looked down upon. A woman’s virginity was put in a high regard but that was NEVER emphasized among men. Your wife was SUPPOSE TO BE a virgin before you married her. However, that commitment was NEVER put on the husband. You wanted to get your rocks off, you went to a whore because a woman who wasn’t a virgin and wasn’t married was already stamped as such.
When men go for prostitutes in our culture now, they’re looked down upon. Not because the sexual act itself is considered sordid and deviant but because obviously if a man buys for sex, he doesn’t have any game. He obviously doesn’t know how to manipulate and lie to women and play the bullshit game of courtship to get them to sleep with him.
But back then, EVERY guy who could afford it fucked a whore before they got married. If they wanted to practice and live a little, they went to a whore and it wasn’t something looked down upon by other men at least. Think about it. Think about how horny you are especially if you’re a dude. This was before internet porn and that gay “women’s liberation” and “sex positive” bullshit. Unless you went to a whore, you had to virtually rape a chick to get laid back then before marriage. And if you managed to get pussy for free, you didn’t go around telling everybody because the woman would have to say you raped her to keep her honor.
Just throwing that out there.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I wonder.

Out of the millions of nerds playing online games, there's an outlaw "one-percenter" biker playing too. I bet he also tries to hide this fact and is starting to make his fellow outlaw bikers think he's an undercover cop with his suspicious behavior.

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